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Iteracare Ion Shield
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Iteracare Ion Shield - Image 1 of 0
Iteracare Ion Shield - Image 2 of 0
Iteracare Ion Shield - Image 1 of 0
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Iteracare Ion Shield

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Product Code: ITERACARE_IonShield
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The ION Shield Air Mask - high end technology for healthier air around you. Provides healthy negative ions that neutralize free radicals and reduces fine particulate matter (PM2.5), Staphylococcus and eases allergies. A truly wearable electronic mask. Colors may vary. Please see Important ordering instructions at bottom of page. Learn more about terahertz frequency and the iTeracare device at iTera4u.com. Order yours now!
âś…Provides healthy negative oxygen ions anytime, anywhere
âś…Regulates the body's ion balance
âś…Neutralizes free radicals (ORS)
âś…Improves body function system
âś…Purifies secondhand smoke, remove formaldehyde and removes bad odors
âś…Sedimentation of Dust
âś…30 million pcs/cc negative ion concentration
(measured 5cm from negative ion emitter)
âś…Effective strength even up to 30-50cm
âś…Blows up towards the nose area
âś…Full charge lasts up to 9 hours
âś…Uses EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) Tech
âś…Metal chain disperses static buildup
âś…Expected to last up to 10 years

*** PLEASE USE THE PAYPAL OPTION AT CHECKOUT. Otherwise, your order will be delayed 2-3 days due to processing.

*** The iTeracare is distributed by Prife International - the real deal. Don't get fooled by other knock-off terahertz devices being sold around the internet.

*** IMPORTANT INFORMATION: There is a one year warranty included when registered by purchaser. Due to 3rd Party Shipping there are no returns or refunds on this product and can only be shipped via standard shipping.

*** International prices may vary. If you don't see your country contact us for pricing. You will receive a Paypal invoice for anyadditional amount due over $350.00 USD after ordering.
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Europe $499
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UK $420
US $350


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