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Music Awards, Trophies, Medals & Certificates

Unique awards and medals for all kinds of musical recitals, performances and instruments. Give some recognition to your musicians this recital season. Be sure to check out our Music Pins too.
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Gift Certificate Personalized Award Medal Music Notes Laurel Wreath Medal
Presentation Case for Medals Presentation Case for Pins Personalized Glass Award Plaque
Personalized Glass Award Plaque
Price: $27.99
Now: $24.99
Highest Honor Award Plaque Steel Notes Page Holder Bookmark Piano Certificates, Set of 10
Chorus Certificates, Set of 10 Music Certificates, Set of 10 Music Star Mini Trophy
Music Star Mini Trophy
Price: $7.99
Now: $6.99
Jazz Band Certificates Chorus Award Certificates Musicsaurus Recognition Certificates
Composers Music Award Certificates Band Award Certificates Extra Effort Mini Certificates
Rosette Music Trophy Piano 'Memory' Ribbons Piano 'Performance' Ribbons
Rosette Music Trophy
Price: $17.99
Now: $14.99
G-Clef 'Sight Reading' Ribbons G-Clef 'Attendance' Ribbons Green Piano 'Scales' Ribbons
Gray Piano 'History' Ribbons Dark Blue Piano 'Technique' Ribbons G-Clef Red 'Memory' Ribbons
G-Clef White 'Performance' Ribbons G-Clef Yellow 'Practice' Ribbons G-Clef Green 'Theory' Ribbons
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