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iTeracare Therapy Device

The Amazing Iteracare Device from Prife International is an emerging technology that provides a safe and natural way to help improve your families health and wellness. Three models of the iTeracare device are now available: the iTeracare Classic (for home use), the iTeracare Premium (the mid-range model), and the iTeracare Pro (for Clinical Use). Wanding the body and Drinking terahertz charged water 💦 helps to enhance human cell activity, improve digestion and absorption of nutrition, reduce inflammation, expel waste and toxins, repair cells, and improves overall health.

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What does the iTeracare device help with?

  • Stomach & Digestion
  • Aging and Complexion
  • Joint and Pain Issues
  • Back Pain and Neck Pain
  • Inflammation and Circulation
  • Overall Wellness

What is terahertz and is it safe?

  • Terahertz is a frequency that is non-ionizing and considered to be safe for humans at low powers. Terahertz wavers are absorbed by water molecules, which limits their penetration into tissues by hundreds or even tens of microns. Terahertz resonates at the same frequency as healthy, human, cells, generating millions of vibrations per second. Researchers from the RIKEN Center for Advanced Phototonics have found that terehertz frequencies may have applications in manipulating cell functions for the treatment of certain conditions.

Comparison Between the iTeracare Models:

  • iTeraCare Classic 2.0 - 4th Gen Model - Released December 2022
  • 800 watts, built more affordable to allow for getting into more households at a lower price point, still just as effective just not built as sturdy, takes alittle longer for treatments, and will shut off after an hour of use to cool down. 3 settings - Low Speed, Low Heat. High Speed, Low Heat. High Speed, High Heat.

  • iTeraCare Premium - 5th Gen Model - Released June 2022
  • 650 watts, built sturdier than Classic, reported quieter than both other models, longer-lasting, comes in hard protective case well-padded with locks on the outside, cool down mode means you cannot switch back on for 5 minutes after each use. 2 settings - Low Speed, Low Heat. High Speed, High Heat. Heat settings are much higher than the Classic.

  • iTeaCare PRO - 3rd Gen Model - Released 2019
  • 1200 watts, built very sturdy, built for more continuous use (like in clinical settings or large families or outreach) for multiple applications, requiresless time for treatments due to higher power, results much faster, quieter than Classic, comes in hard protective case well-padded with locks on the outside. 4 settings - Low Speed, Low Heat. High Speed, Low Heat. High Speed, High Heat. No Heat, Low Speed (Cool).