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Shop for music themed kitchen and dinnerware: music-themed party supplies, accessories, glasses and mugs, kitchenware, and much more.
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The Beatles Drums Salt & Pepper Shakers Spread Kindness Soap Dispenser Positive Vibes Only Mug
Music Mug of Knowledge Piano Mug Gift Set Love Notes Personalized Mug
Piano Mug Gift Set
Price: $19.99
Beethoven's Fifth of Popcorn Composer Trio Hot Sauce Bundle Music Symbols Collage Mug
Songs of Spring Candles Beatles Album Cover Coasters Peace Mug
Songs of Spring Candles
Price: $34.99
Now: $32.99
Peace Mug
Price: $11.99 (choose design)
Music is a Life Saver Mug Dancing Queen Pasta ABC 123! Pasta
ABC 123! Pasta
Price: $8.99
Peace Love & Happiness Pasta Nutcracker Suite Wine Glasses, Set of 4 Beethoven's Fifth Sriracha Sauce
Beethoven Kitchen Timer Rockin' Pizza Cutter KISS Destroyer Album Can Cooler
KISS Destroyer Album Can Cooler
Price: $8.99
Now: $7.99
Woodstock 'Surround Yourself With Love' Can Cooler KISS the Cook! Adjustable Apron Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Grill Apron
Yellow Sub Mug Fender Strat Burst Pint Glasses Fender Banner Headstock Shot Glasses
Yellow Sub Mug
Price: $18.99
Famous Fenders Coasters Lively Notes Party Picks, Set of 6 Beatles Album Cover Coasters
Lively Notes Party Picks, Set of 6
Price: $12.99
Now: $9.99
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Shop for music and art themed accessories: desk accessories, glasses, kitchenware, and much more. We have a wide selection of music-themed magnets and stickers. Mugs make great gifts. Rockin' out or hosting a recital; our party-ware will give your special event a musical twist!