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Student Musical Instruments

Shop at The Music Stand for student musical instruments. Get your future maestro a head start with easy to play, fun, and child-appropriate musical instruments.
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Swiss Style Melodee Bells Red and Brass Kazoo Violin Starter Set
Swiss Style Melodee Bells
Price: $44.99
Now: $39.99
Piano, Rock and Roll It, Rainbow Keys Studio Piano, Rock and Roll It, Standard Keys Drum Live, Portable Drum Kit
Snoopy's Jaw Harp Hohner 37 Key Airboard Melodica - NEW STYLE IS BRIGHT COLORED KEYS ON BLACK Handmade Bamboo Flute
Snoopy's Jaw Harp
Price: $8.99

Colorful Heart Chime Shaker Stage Mate Folding Music Stand Crescent Tambourine
Crescent Tambourine
Price: $21.99
American Song Whistle Qube Wood Shaker The Master Key C to C Pitch Pipe
Celtic Tinwhistle Easy-to-Build Guitar Kit For Kids Rhythm Ring
Celtic Tinwhistle
Price: $14.99
Rhythm Ring
Price: $5.99

Sleigh Bells Hohner Finger Cymbals Brass Band Kazoo
Sleigh Bells
Price: $49.99

Brass Band Kazoo
Price: $24.99
Now: $19.99
Red Metal Kazoo Portable Folding Music Stand with Full Desk Jumbie Jam Calypso Steel Drum
Jumbie Jam Calypso Steel Drum
Price: $244.99
Now: $214.99
Mother Owl Peruvian Shaker Child's Musical Hand Bells Manhasset 48 Symphony Music Stand
Mother Owl Peruvian Shaker
Price: $42.99
Now: $37.99
Drum Practice / Mouse Pad Zydeco Washboard Tie Accompaniment DVD