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Student Musical Instruments

Shop at The Music Stand for student musical instruments. Get your future maestro a head start with easy to play, fun, and child-appropriate musical instruments.
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Red and Brass Kazoo Violin Starter Set Piano, Rock and Roll It, Rainbow Keys
Studio Piano, Rock and Roll It, Standard Keys Drum Live, Portable Drum Kit Snoopy's Jaw Harp
Snoopy's Jaw Harp
Price: $8.99

Hohner 37 Key Airboard Melodica - NEW STYLE IS BRIGHT COLORED KEYS ON BLACK Handmade Bamboo Flute Colorful Heart Chime Shaker
Pipedream 8-Note Metallophone Stage Mate Folding Music Stand Crescent Tambourine
Pipedream 8-Note Metallophone
Price: $99.99
Now: $69.99
Crescent Tambourine
Price: $21.99
American Song Whistle Qube Wood Shaker The Master Key C to C Pitch Pipe
Celtic Tinwhistle Easy-to-Build Guitar Kit For Kids Rhythm Ring
Celtic Tinwhistle
Price: $14.99
Rhythm Ring
Price: $5.99

Sleigh Bells Hohner Finger Cymbals Brass Band Kazoo
Sleigh Bells
Price: $49.99

Brass Band Kazoo
Price: $24.99
Now: $18.99
Red Metal Kazoo Portable Folding Music Stand with Full Desk Jumbie Jam Calypso Steel Drum
Jumbie Jam Calypso Steel Drum
Price: $244.99
Now: $214.99
Mother Owl Peruvian Shaker Child's Musical Hand Bells Manhasset 48 Symphony Music Stand
Mother Owl Peruvian Shaker
Price: $42.99
Now: $37.99
Drum Practice / Mouse Pad Zydeco Washboard Tie